Unconventional Road to Health

I am intense.  I always have been.  I can be laid back but always in an intense kind of way.  After all I am a Virgo.  There are certain traits about myself that I just love and this happens to be one of them.  I never half ass anything.  But learning how to deal with being so all in, so passionate is a tricky trait to learn to manage.  I believe in doing anything with all you have, that you should be driven by passion, to live by it.  Its part of my “live authentic” way of life, to live as who you are and who you are meant to be, with conviction.

With all my new “abilities”, the time I have on my hands (whether I’m dosing or not), return of my right brain (and making connections with my left brain), treatment, “eat well to be well” and finding myself, I am probably more intense than I have ever been.  I am more open minded, kinder, less judgmental but just as intense, if not more so, than ever.  There is a saying that “the more enlightened one becomes the more isolated they also become.” I have not reached “full” enlightenment but I am feeling the effects of the more isolated part.  Being sick, alone and in retirement will do that to you too.  When you change and those around you don’t, when they don’t understand what you’ve evolved into and don’t want to, that’s a hard pill to swallow but you learn that that’s when its time for you to change those around you. Surround yourself with positive people.

I am unconventional (and pretty much always have been whether I voiced it or not) in most things I do.  Only now its really kicked into high gear.  I’m not afraid to try new things, things out of the mainstream and more attuned with my own welfare.  Yes, I see a Reiki (regularly), yes I meditate and pray and practice yoga, yes I’ve been on vitamins and supplements for years (even before I had to be), yes I am more spiritual than religious, yes I believe in the power of food and its ability to allow your body to help heal itself.  I know that Western medicine has done many wonders and in the event of a trauma there is no better place to be than the United States, but I think most of this country is unaware of the benefits of Eastern medicine because we are taught that it is antiquated or just “old” or “weird” or even because in the West we now have a “pill for every ill” (which by the way usually has umpteen side effects and/or interactions.)  I also recognize that without Western medicine I would not be alive to even be writing this.  But my continued existence would not be possible without thinking outside of the box, without researching my own health and taking certain parts of it into my own hands.

Lyme and my co infections have been an uphill and challenging battle which (for the most part) I have been able to take in stride. I started this blog to document my personal journey in the hopes that it would help others and thanks to many, many different types of feedback (messages, emails, texts, conversations, etc.) I know that I have already accomplished that, even if I were to stop today.  But I won’t because my journey isn’t over.  Even when I reach remission, my journey will never really be over until they find a cure.  That’s not to say that there won’t come a time when I feel that my words, my experiences won’t be helpful to at least one other person. Some have called it arrogance, to think that I can change anything or because I’m comfortable in my own skin…FINALLY.  I call it confidence and hopefulness.  I wish I would have found someone to talk to or a blog to read prior to my own experience to help me deal with what lay ahead of me.  Maybe then I wouldn’t have reached such dark and dangerous places.

In the words of Lzzy Hale ” They all say I lost my mind but I’m just trying to find a better way. Cause somewhere in the sea of fools the real truth is they’re scared because your brave. You’ll be ok, if you be yourself for no one else, they’ll hate you ’cause your beautiful. So blaze the trail that no one can, cause they’ll never understand… (that we live in a bad girls’ world).” Lzzy and Halestorm nail it yet again!

Maybe, as my mom says, I’m ahead of my time.  I’m not sure and maybe I never will be.  I do what works for me.  I have harnessed the power of the internet for personal gain when it comes to my health.  Eating clean and well, vitamins, being holistic and most recently a product called Purium have been key to my success. My doctors are doing their job and I am doing mine in this fight for my life and my health.  I’m fortunate enough to be smart enough and daring enough to try new things that have helped.  I’m not saying that every single thing I’ve done has worked or worked as well as I’d hoped it had but I’ve tried it.

Let me talk about Purium for a minute.  Since the very beginning of treatment, one of my biggest issues has been the stabilization of my gut. Because my gut was so unstable (in conjunction with the severity of my diseases) I had to have a Power line implanted in my chest and kept in for 9 months to get me better.  Even during that time “we” could never really get my stomach stabilized.  90% of your immune system lives in your gut. With the antibiotics only doing more damage in that aspect, how could I ever really get to remission without my gut being in order?  I have tried everything (both Eastern and Western medicine had to offer) including a multitude of cleanses and detoxes.  I finally decided, after thorough research, to give Purium a try.  In 10 days, this cleanse and detox did for me what 18 months of everything else couldn’t.  It left me feeling better and more stable (mentally and physically) than any other single thing (or in some cases combinations of things) had.  *I did consult my doctor prior to starting and it was endorsed as well as encouraged.* Yes, I lost weight (although minimal because I didn’t need to lose much or have much to lose) but I lost it in “problem” areas. But I walked away feeling amazing and achieved so much success I literally couldn’t believe it.  I only wish I had tried it earlier because it left me wondering how much farther along I would be in treatment by now.  My OCD and anxiety has greatly lessened as well.

I believe in Purium so much, I am now selling the product.  I’m putting it on my blog so that if anyone is in the same situation I was in, or you just want to get healthy, know there is product out there that CAN help you.  If it helped me, I have no doubt it can help anyone, that’s how strongly I believe in this product. For my fellow lymies, consult with your doctor (whether you are doing Eastern, Western, Holistic or a combination.) But there is hope for you. I encourage you to visit puriumcorp.com.  If you have any questions, I will gladly answer what I can and find answers to what I don’t already know.

****I am not using my blog as a venue to promote my own personal business as it has always been used as a tool to help others in need of help.  I am sharing my experiences in hopes that this is a tool that someone may be able to utilize to help themselves.****


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